[osg-users] FLTK2 port of osgviewerFLTK

Eric Sokolowsky esok.osg at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 05:26:54 PDT 2009

Robert Osfield wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Does the code still work under FLTK1.x?
> Has FLTK2 finally been officially release yet?
> Robert.

FLTK 2 has not been officially released. It has been under development
for at least 4 years, with no end in sight. Version 1.1.x is stable and
the recommended version to use. The FLTK developers are working more on
their 1.3.x branch, which adds UTF8 and (at least until recently) a tree
browser widget. I would love to have the browser widget for my
application because I'm using an unsupported one from a third party at
present, so eventually I may move to 1.3.x, but even that is not yet API

Originally I was also using FLTK 2 because of the built-in tree browser
widget and the fltk namespace, but it did not ever work well with my
application on the Mac, so I started over with FLTK 1.1.x. I do not
recommend having any dependency on FLTK 2.x because it is not stable.

For a school project FLTK2 is probably fine.


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