[osg-users] I need your opinion in 3d lighting techniques

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"Vibrant" might be the English word you're looking for...;^)

The difference between lighting and no lighting is that you have more
"coloring" to play with. If lighting is enabled, you can play with the
materials and normals to give a certain effect, based on some sort of light
source. Again, not knowing the data you have at each vertex besides
position/dimension info (i.e. temperature, pressure, or whatever) it's hard
to determine what would yield the best results or be the most intuitive for
what you want to visualize. Perhaps using transparency (alpha in the color)
to represent something along with the color for the function may improve
things. Lastly, there are always shaders that you can resort to, to
visualize your functions. With vertex and fragment shaders, your creativity
is your only limitation.

Scientific visualization can be somewhat tenuous and it is really an art
more than it is a science in giving an intuitive interpretation of the data
at hand.

I hope I haven't muddied the waters further for you. My apologies if I


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Well, basically we have an Mathlab solution that do all the math and
generate many .STL files per function.
I load the files with our custom .stl file reader into a scene, base on some
math calculations I switch the onscreen object/node/.stl data with another
object/node/.stl data.
For now I'm using basic color per vertex to paint my function and the color
change on the up/down axis. I find the result to be lame and I'd like to see
the scene much more..... I dont know the word in english, to be more live or
something like that.

Read this topic online here:

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