[osg-users] I need your opinion in 3d lighting techniques

Tueller, Shayne R Civ USAF AFMC 519 SMXS/MXDEC Shayne.Tueller at HILL.af.mil
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To address your questions or offer suggestions, we will need more
information on what you're trying to visualize with your scientific
visualization project. Besides the projected geometry from n-space, what
other information is there at the discrete data?


P.S. I went to your website and I'm glad you have an English version since
my Hebrew isn't all that good...;^). Looks like you do some cool stuff...

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We (www.jct.ac.il) are making a 3d viewer for non-continuous functions in
n-dimentions (well there 3d projection to be precise).
What will be the best techniques to make the model look good.
by good I mean colors,texture,shadows techniques,lighting techniques..

I know it;s a general question it's just we never dealt with such issues,
until now it was all hi-math.
Thank you.

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