[osg-users] [osgPPU] build osgPPU

Guy guy at dvp.co.il
Thu Mar 26 06:27:33 PDT 2009

Now everything works.

I actually needed the OSG_GEN_DIR since it is where the Config files

I had installed CUDA. It is strange that it didn't find the utils
libraries, since all other CUDA related stuff it did found...

I'll try to check it.

Thanks again!


Hi Guy,

Guy wrote:
> Forget it, sorry, I found the files :)
> The OSG_GEN_INCLUDE is where the CMake generated the solution and the
> files are there.

Yes, the files are there, where CMake generate them, when you build OSG.
OSG_DIR is a path, where osg can be found. It can be either an
installation path, or just a path where you have downloaded it (because
it will look under OSG_DIR/include and OSG_DIR/lib for the osg files).

Actually you point out something, which I have to remove from the CMake
files of PPU. Since, there is no need in use the OSG_GEN_INCLUDE_DIR at
all, I should remove them from the CMake to not to confuse users. Even
more, maybe I have to cleanup everything which is non-related to PPU
from the cmake files.

As to the warning you get in FindCUDA: I have to install CMake 2.6.3
first to check why this warning happens. On my current machine I have
versions below that and they don't have any warnings.

CUT and CUT_INCLUDE, are the CUDA utils libraries. If you do not have
cuda installed don't care about them, since the CUDA example would not
be build then. 


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