[osg-users] Google's summer of code

Sergey Kurdakov sergey.forum at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 03:17:33 PDT 2009

Hello Paul,

maybe it is possible to have a special page ( on forum or in wiki ) -
"Open tasks you are welcome to participate".

Sometimes there is spare time and when you know there is a fairly simple
task - one could catch it and implement in few days.

Sergey Kurdakov

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 10:19 PM, Paul Martz <pmartz at skew-matrix.com> wrote:

> This got buried in in inbox.
> A couple projects I can name off the top of my head:
>  * Take advantage of OSG's new interface for querying plugins, and
> completely flesh it out for each plugin, so that "osgconv --formats"
> produces correct and useful output for each plugin. This task primarily
> involves documenting all the supported Options.
>  * Create a set of classes equivalent to the existing Shape Drawables but
> derive them from Geometry instead of directly from Drawable.
> OK those are both pretty boring. How about this instead:
>  * Add support for OpenGL 3.0, 3.0 forward-compatible, and 3.1 contexts to
> osgViewer for all platforms (WGL, GLX, etc.). (Sven Panne and I recently
> did
> this work for freeglut, so you could use that as a model.) This task
> shouldn't take more than a couple days.
> Paul Martz
> Skew Matrix Software LLC
> http://www.skew-matrix.com
> +1 303 859 9466
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