[osg-users] [osgPPU] 64-bit Windows build

Art Tevs arti_tevs at yahoo.de
Wed Mar 25 10:55:52 PDT 2009

Hi Oleg,

so, I have now spend some time and I think I've corrected all the CMake issues. The problem was, that I haven't tested the windows build already for a longer time. And, my fault, I haven't even tried to build the cuda example on windows before.

Current cmake setup was now tested with cmake 2.4.8 and Visual Studio 2008. Unfortunately only in 32bit mode, however with your changes it should also run on 64bit. It compiles in windows and in linux without any problems. All your suggestions are also included.

Check it out, it should work now. If you see any issues let me know, please.

Best regards,

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