[osg-users] OpenGL 3.1 at GDC

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Wed Mar 25 07:30:57 PDT 2009

> YES!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))
> but robert, thanks for your arguments! i will use them there. ;)
> best regards to all and other arguments are welcome too!

:-) Thanks for translating the German. At the start of that blog, I said
graphics APIs were like religion and politics, and those translated German
comments confirm that.

I agree with Robert's sentiment. In many ways, D3D has chosen the easy way
out -- supporting only one platform, and screwing the existing user base
with each new release. This is the easy way to develop an API. Running cross
platform, continuing to evolve and remain relevant, and not screwing
existing users is a much harder task, but OpenGL has a proven track record
of success in all these areas.

When Bob and I offer our OSG course, we allow students to bring in the
laptop of their choice -- Windows, Linux, and Mac. In spite of this
heterogeneous environment, after a short period of tweaking CMake and
building OSG, we're up and running on everyone's box. I can't emphasize
enough how incredible a feat this is, and it's possible because of OpenGL.

Upon re-reading the D3D/OpenGL blog, I see I failed to address a couple
issues, and I intend to post an update to clarify. Thanks for translating
the German, which pointed this out. I doubt it will result in converting any
of the D3D faithful, but I want the blog to be as blemish-free and objective
as possible.

Paul Martz
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