[osg-users] [forum] 200 users mark reached :)

Art Tevs arti_tevs at yahoo.de
Wed Mar 25 06:34:21 PDT 2009

Hi Paul,

hmm, ok I see the issue. However I have no clue how I should correct this or better to say, there is almost no way to correct this, because the way how forum posts and mails are handled is different.

Look, whenever a user is reply to a topic it means, he is replying to the main post, so to the very first post in this thread. This is how forum is acting. If a user now uses an email and replies to an email, he is replying to the current one, which can be one of the whole thread. For the forum this can also be achieved in that way, if user do reply on a post by quoting the previous one (i.e. press Quote, instead of Reply Button).

The default behaviour of a forum user is to press reply and not to quote the previous message. Hence how should I get know if user now want to answer the previous post, the very first post or just one of the posts of the complete thread. Hence, I am not sure if I could come up with a solution for this. The one thing which I could try to implement is to reply on the previous post if user hits "Quote" and to reply on the very first post if user hits "Reply". However this is very hard to solve, because mail client are generating message ids in a random way from the forum side of view. I do not really see a way of solving that at now.


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