[osg-users] [Fwd: Mesa and gldirect]

Cory Riddell cory at codeware.com
Wed Mar 25 06:23:29 PDT 2009

Hi Ulrich-

Ulrich Hertlein wrote:
> On 25/3/09 1:07 AM, Paul Melis wrote:
>>> graphics performance was on very expensive Unix workstations. These
>>> days, the best performing graphics cards are for Windows and they are
>>> relatively inexpensive. I think that's why some CAD packages are
>>> dropping OpenGL support (Autodesk- I'm looking at you).
>> Are they dropping OpenGL support for their 3D modeling packages as well
>> (especially Maya)? Or just the autocad stuff?
> On the other end of the spectrum they (autodesk) have ported Lustre
> (one of their color grading products) to Linux and somehow I doubt
> they're using a D3D wrapper...

You know, this is what drives me crazy about Autodesk and their support
of D3D. They use HOOPS in lots (most?) of their products. In fact, Tech
Soft 3D (the maker of HOOPS) was spun out of Autodesk. HOOPS is renderer
agnostic and I know that it works as well with OpenGL as D3D (at least
on XP, Vista may be different) and is cross platform.

I suspect the reasons for not support OpenGL in some of their products
has to do with support costs and marketing agreements with Microsoft.
Probably mostly the latter...


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