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Hi Hannes,

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 10:30 AM, hannes_b at gmx.at <hannes_b at gmx.at> wrote:

> you just brought to me the insight why the game developers use d3d. because
> they do not care if it runs in some years, they make the money now. they see
> how much does the development of the game cost and how many boxes can i sell
> in short time. so they choose the most widespread platform, which is windows
> and use d3d which seems easy for development and looks good.

I know where you are coming from bit I think it a bit off target, and falls
into a common repeat line of reasoning.  Direct3D is used under Windows and
XBox by games developers.  The games market is far bigger than just Windows
and XBox.  The Windows + XBox while being a big player, it is far from the
biggest market in the games industry, but sometimes from online traffic it
would seem that it's the only game in town, this is just PR or ignorance
though.   The biggest recent games platforms have been PlayStation 2 and the
more recently the Wii, neither of which have D3D or OpenGL.  I believe Wii
has a OpenGL style graphis API.

> result are games like crysis and so on. downside is as you said, the
> different d3d versions do not run on any windows but the newest opengl does.
> maybe an argument for game developers to bring the best graphics to any
> windows with opengl and maybe with osg. ;)

For the next generation of games I think we have shout.  I think to
successfully push the OSG to the games market one has to emphasis the
portability and the wider market reach that it brings.  Getting the message
over about a wider market reach is easy to those who've already climbed out
of the Windows centric box, but for those who just think Windows == 100%
games market it's a harder sell.  It's this perception that needs to be
cracked first.

> http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey
> Steam Hardware Survey
> 24,75% dx10 system, dx10 gpu and vista
> 27,28% dx10 gpu on xp
> 27,60% dx9 sm 2b & 3.0
> 7,25 dx9 sm2 gpu
> 13,12 dx8 gpu and below

Self selective survey's can be of use for particular interest groups, but
rarely mean much outside the selective group.  The above survey basically is
100% of who answer a suvery for a D3D centric game/company had support for
some version of D3D...

> in industries like the movie industries it is different.
> http://www.linuxmovies.org/
> [quote]In the film industry, Linux has won. It's running on practically all
> servers and desktops used for feature animation and visual effects.
> LinuxMovies.org met monthly in Hollywood for years, but now rarely meets.

Interesting link.  I hadn't come across this before.

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