[osg-users] Proxy auto-config (PAC) support

Philip Lowman philip at yhbt.com
Tue Mar 24 20:53:58 PDT 2009

2009/3/24 Glenn Waldron <gwaldron at gmail.com>

> 2009/3/24 Philip Lowman <philip at yhbt.com>
>> 2009/3/24 Glenn Waldron <gwaldron at gmail.com>
>>> I have a customer who is trying to use OSG to access data through a PAC
>>> proxy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_auto-config). CURL does not
>>> support this directly, and the sense I get from the CURL community is that
>>> they don't plan to.
>>> Does it make sense to add PAC proxy support to the OSG CURL plugin? Yes,
>>> you could deal with PAC at the application level and set the CURL proxy
>>> based on the results ... this is what the CURL folks advocate ... the
>>> trade-off though is that sample apps like osgviewer will not be able to work
>>> in a PAC proxy environment.
>>> Just looking to get some opinions on the matter.
>> PAC requires javascript right?  You could make it so the curl plugin
>> optionally depends upon a javascript engine and if it's there it solves for
>> the proper proxy to use.
> That would be the idea, yes. In particular I was looking at pacparser (
> http://code.google.com/p/pacparser) which I believe uses spidermonkey for
> JS.

It would be nice in that the OSG could at least in theory work with proxy
servers without being configured at all.

> For servers that don't need the proxy server you can either configure the
>> proxy server to tell the client to access the server directly or you can use
>> the "no_proxy" environment variable which I believe libcurl respects.
>> If you have a situation where you have to switch between two different
>> proxy servers depending on the URL you are accessing clearly something is
>> wrong with your IT people at work... :)

Philip Lowman
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