[osg-users] [Fwd: Mesa and gldirect]

Ulrich Hertlein u.hertlein at sandbox.de
Tue Mar 24 17:15:57 PDT 2009

On 25/3/09 1:07 AM, Paul Melis wrote:
>> graphics performance was on very expensive Unix workstations. These
>> days, the best performing graphics cards are for Windows and they are
>> relatively inexpensive. I think that's why some CAD packages are
>> dropping OpenGL support (Autodesk- I'm looking at you).
> Are they dropping OpenGL support for their 3D modeling packages as well
> (especially Maya)? Or just the autocad stuff?

On the other end of the spectrum they (autodesk) have ported Lustre (one of their color 
grading products) to Linux and somehow I doubt they're using a D3D wrapper...


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