[osg-users] [forum] 200 users mark reached :)

Art Tevs arti_tevs at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 24 14:44:19 PDT 2009

Hi Robert, Paul

> This also matches with my expectation, that all new users will probably start to use the forum.

OK, maybe I was little bit too hasty writing this (I am breaking hte rules stated out for the forum use ;) ). What I mean is that most of the new users (please Note, I say users and not developers! ) will probably start to use the forum. I would even try to be brave and would claim that: "A lot of new, 'young' users would prefer forum over the mailing list". With all the respect for all users in the community, but forum has a lot of advantages for young users (more anonymous, less serious, less managing work: deleting old mails, reading everything, searching for the old messages, etc ...) For the developers a mailing list is a better choice, because so they still can track what happens in the community well. 

I found an interesting phrase when I was looking for 'Forum vs. Mailing List' on the google: "Mailing lists attract less non-serious users, so you get less traffic. The slightly higher effort required to join keeps away a lot of people using e.g. webmail - this usually does not affect developers. The end result is potentially a better signal-to-noise ratio." 

However, guys, I do not open again a hot discussion about advantages of any of this systems. With this forum we have matched the needs of both worlds, so the one who like to use ML subscribe there, the one who prefers Forums instead, will use it.

Good evening to all of you guys and best regards :)

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