[osg-users] [forum] 200 users mark reached :)

Paul Speed pspeed at progeeks.com
Tue Mar 24 13:37:35 PDT 2009

Art Tevs wrote:
> This also matches with my expectation, that all new users will probably start to use the forum.

To be pedantic, that's a somewhat bold claim. :)

I, for one, will always join a mailing list if available for something 
I'm actually using.  The only times I've ever registered to a forum are 
when a) a mailing list doesn't exist, and/or b) I was only fooling 
around with the technology for a few days but needed to post a question.

And universally, the forums of which I'm a member I have _never_ kept up 
with all of the posts... maybe not even a significant percentage.  I 
keep up with all of the posts of _every_ mailing list to which I'm a member.

Not trying to beat a dead horse... just pointing out that the usage 
profile is entirely different.  The mailing list is more likely to get 
dedicated users.  The forum is more likely to get the cursory users. 
There will be some amount overlap, perhaps favoring the forums for those 
accustomed to hitting reload a lot.  :)


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