[osg-users] [forum] 200 users mark reached :)

Art Tevs arti_tevs at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 24 11:28:17 PDT 2009

Hi Robert,

> It'd be interesting to find out the overlap - to do so we'd need to match up osg-users subscribers to the forum. I can provide the subscriber list to osg-users if you want to do a comparison.

I am also interesting to know how much overlap there is. However it is better not to post the list of the subscribers either to the mailing list nor to the forum. Because spammers would be just happy about that ;) You could give the list to me and I could write a script which checks how much overlap between mailing list and forum users is there. 

> In the past few years the osg-users mailing list has grown at just under rate of 1 person per day, so your figure of 100 joining the past month would suggest that quite a few of that number are moving across from the mailing list to forum rather than it being just new members coming to the forum.

Interesting thing is that couple of users has registered on the forum, however still continue to use the mailing list, so they post there messages over the list. The current growing rates are 2.15 users per day. Most of the new users, are users which hasn't use the mailing list at all. This also matches with my expectation, that all new users will probably start to use the forum.

> As time goes on it'll be interesting to see if new members predominantly go to the forum or to the mailing list, and also what happens to original mailing list members.

I think most of the old users (e.g. users which are using osg for already a long time) wouldn't move to the forum, because they just do not want to change the running system. However this of course still be interesting to know. 

If you like, I could write some script which will frequently check, how big the overlap is between mailing list and forum users. However, I would need some kind of easy access to the database of mailling list subscribers then. This statistics could be shown on the forum page in order to know how the community evolves.


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