[osg-users] Need help using glTexSubImage2D

Luis Rodriguez luis.rodriguez at teligy.com
Tue Mar 24 10:52:51 PDT 2009

Thanks Robert. A couple more questions. How do I guarantee that only the changed pixels are uploaded? The source image I'm using is 640x480. To maximize compatibility, I need to make texture sizes a power of 2 and square right?  That sets the next available size at 1024x1024. That's alot of extra data to copy.

If I accessing the Image via the data()  method then there's no way to specify the dimensions of the dirty rectangle. I see that copySubImage takes a rectangle but the source for copy is an Image object so I'd have to copy the image data twice (camera -> tempImage ->texture). Is there something I'm missing? Perhapse I should call glTexSubImage2D directly? [/quote]

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