[osg-users] Osgconv --formats broke on Mac OSX

Eric Sokolowsky esok.osg at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 10:42:02 PDT 2009

It works for me (latest svn). Did you "install" the OSG library? If you did
not, there is no way to get to the plugins, because Xcode inserts a "Debug"
or "Release" intermediate directory. This assumes you use the Xcode
generator for OSX. If you are using the Makefiles generator, or the old
pre-generated Xcode project, then I have no idea.


2009/3/24 Paul Martz <pmartz at skew-matrix.com>

>  Is anyone else encountering this? "osgconv --formats" immediately returns
> to the shell prompt. With OSG_NOTIFY_LEVEL set to DEBUG_INFO I see that it
> finds the plugin directory, then pretty much just exits, as if there are no
> plugins there.
> Oddly, "osgconv --format flt" (and other extensions) works OK, and with the
> notify output I see it finding the plugin immediately, followed by the
> expected output relating to that plugin.
> OSG 2.6.1 works OK. but svn head is broke as of at least late February
> (that's when I took the snapshot for our OSG training in DC, and one of the
> students there with a macbook encountered the issue). I haven't tried this
> with 2.8.
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