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Dorosky, Christopher G wrote:
> In situations where your customer has bought hardware for another
> primary use (try tens of thousands of laptops), ATI or even Intel
> wins out over Nvidia on cost it seems. Then we are stuck with
> integrated graphics, and poor drivers.
> Where the developer has a choice of hardware, just saying no to ATI
> makes sense. When your hardware is dictated, you have to do whatever
> you can.

> I have never used Direct3D/DirectX and don't know a thing about it.
> Maybe we are on the losing end of this battle.

Seriously, do you think that low-end ATI/Intel hw in those laptops will
work in a decent way even with D3D? The problem is the hw there, not the
drivers ... Integrated graphics simply doesn't work for 3D except for
very basic stuff and the driver will be the least of your problems. You
will be hard pressed to find any recent game running on integrated Intel
GPUs. And that is pure D3D, not a layer of emulation on top of it.

You do not go racing Formula 1 cars with a Trabant or Yugo ...



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