[osg-users] Jagged terrain anomaly in vpbmaster(VirtualPlanetBuilder 0.9.9 <- OSG 2.7.4). Has anyone seen this?

christophe loustaunau christophe.loustaunau at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 13:21:05 PDT 2009

2009/3/23 Matt McPheeters <mmcpheeters at rscusa.com>

>  Hi Christoper,
> gdal 1.6.0 is what we are using.  It is also built in Linux and linked with
> vpb.
> The bug, I talked about was solved with gdal 1.6.0, so it can't be that.

> Funny you ask, because the one weak link in the chain might be HorizonMap
> image files that are used as one of the layers in the build.  We use an
> in-house program that processes geotiff elevation data
> and builds special HorizonMap image files that basically stretch the high
> peaks at different sun azimuths.  This program might be linked with an older
> version of gdal (like 1.4).  These HorizonMaps are used for
> one of the layers in the builds.
You could try to display your horizonMap file with OpenEV, and see if there
is any artifacts.


Christophe Loustaunau.
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