[osg-users] Jagged terrain anomaly in vpbmaster(VirtualPlanetBuilder 0.9.9 <- OSG 2.7.4). Has anyone seen this?

Matt McPheeters mmcpheeters at rscusa.com
Mon Mar 23 12:44:41 PDT 2009

Hi Christoper,


gdal 1.6.0 is what we are using.  It is also built in Linux and linked
with vpb.


Funny you ask, because the one weak link in the chain might be
HorizonMap image files that are used as one of the layers in the build.
We use an in-house program that processes geotiff elevation data

and builds special HorizonMap image files that basically stretch the
high peaks at different sun azimuths.  This program might be linked with
an older version of gdal (like 1.4).  These HorizonMaps are used for

one of the layers in the builds.






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Hi Matt,

What version of gdal du you use ?

see this thread, it seems to be similar :


2009/3/23 Matt McPheeters <mmcpheeters at rscusa.com>

Hi All,

Has anyone seen this strange effect shown in the attached screen

We are using the vpbmaster program compiled and running on a Linux
2-machine gluster to build 3D visual databases from GEO Tiff imagery and
elevation data.  This error started occurring in OSG 2.6.1 and the
VirtualPlanetBuilder version that goes with 2.6.1.  But it happened
again when we attempted an identical build with OSG 2.7.4 and VPB 0.9.9.

It's really a mystery so I apologize for the vagueness of this inquiry.
Although if someone has seen it and knows what might be causing it, I
can provide more details about command-line parameters, build
environment, and anything else that might be pertinent.


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Christophe Loustaunau.

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