[osg-users] [Fwd: Mesa and gldirect]

Cory Riddell cory at codeware.com
Mon Mar 23 11:48:57 PDT 2009

Jan Ciger wrote:
> I fail to see the benefits of such move - why to run OpenGL on top of
> Direct3D? Is there *any* usable hardware that has only D3D drivers and
> does not support OpenGL? Not to mention that you will be chasing moving
> targets - both D3D and the GPU APIs.
There are video cards with good D3D drivers and crappy OpenGL drivers. I
can see why it might be nice to have the option of sitting on top of
D3D. It's entirely possible that performance could be better going
through an optimized D3D driver rather than directly through a crappy
OpenGL driver.

I don't understand why putting another layer between OSG and the
hardware would result in having to chase GPU API's? Are you writing code
that goes around OpenGL?

Cory Riddell

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