[osg-users] Camera vs Projection

Guy guy at dvp.co.il
Sun Mar 22 09:25:28 PDT 2009


 I didn't mean to annoy, I tried to see if there is a conventional
solution within the tools I already used. I didn't want to change the
Projection to camera.

For me the problem was to keep the Z order when using different
projection matrices.

What finally solved the solution was to project the object under one
projection, then use the z value in osg::Depth as both the minimum and
maximum range, and then even when I use other projection, for the
object, it is still ordered correctly by the z value in the scene.


In the process I've learned a lot about other stuff too,

So thanks for the suggestions and guidelines,






2009/3/22 Guy <guy at dvp.co.il>

Is it possible to prevent near-far planes calculations locally without
using osg::Camera?

Just disable the computation of near/far planes on the viewer's camera.


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