[osg-users] FFmpeg plugin

Carlos Sanches cesmsp at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 07:53:52 PDT 2009

good news :)
this weekend i m trying to do ffmpeg run in my  home computer.
Here I have ubuntu too .
The error dont appear here :)
but , when I enter the directory OSG/bin  and run the osgmovie example the
terminal stay waiting and nothing happens . no errors.
i m trying these commands :
./osgmovie /home/carlos/videos/test.avi
./osgmovie -e ffmpeg /home/carlos/videos/test.avi

nothing happens :(

I ll try run 'ldd osgdb_ffmpeg.so'  tomorrow in my job.
here in my home I m using ATI radeon x1600 card and ubuntu 7.10
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