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Guy guy at dvp.co.il
Sun Mar 22 07:01:18 PDT 2009

Is it possible to prevent near-far planes calculations locally without
using osg::Camera?







Hi Guy,

I can't easily follow your email, but I think the answer is no.


2009/3/22 Guy <guy at dvp.co.il>





An osg::Camera that has it's RenderOrder to NESTED will just set the
project and view matrices, it want clear any buffers and will nest all
enclosed sugraph within the current RenderStage.  This makes it pretty
close to the use of Projection node and MatrixTransform ndoe that used
to have to be used before.


	 Another question about Camera and near-far plane computation.
If a
	camera does calculate near far planes during the culling, but
	somewhere underneath other cameras or projections, does these
affect the
	near-far calculations? Does the near far planes that were
	affect the other cameras/projections?

The computation of the near far is optional and controlled via the
ComputeNearFarMode.  When enabled the near far computation happens in
the cull traversal for the camera being traversed.

I understand, but suppose the mode of camera A is to calculate near far
planes and the mode for camera B which is under A is also to calculate
near far planes, and suppose A has frustum projection and B has
orthographic projection, does geometry under B will affect A near far
calculations? (Theoretically they should not). Does A near far planes
will affect B projection matrix?


If both answers are 'NO' I'm reassured :-)


Thanks Robert,



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