[osg-users] Animating vertices in a Geode

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 04:00:53 PDT 2009

HI Laurence,

In svn trunk there is support for morphing between geometries so have a look
at this.  See osganimationmorph.


2009/3/20 Laurence Muller <L.Y.L.Muller at uva.nl>

> Hi,
> In the application I am working on, I am trying to create a smooth
> (transition) animation on the vertices inside an object.
> Example:
> I have included an illustration to make my problem a bit more clear. The
> current scene contains one geode with a geometry attached.
> The geometry is filled with 7 quads (4 vertices per quad) and is
> illustrated as red dots in the picture. (The 'edges' are stored in a
> separate geode)
> The application allows users to select a specific layout (radial, force
> based, etc) for the quads. In the current implementation this change happens
> immediately.
> (It updates the vertex array with new values and uses the dirty() call on
> the vertex array).
> On the OSG wiki page I found some information about animating objects in
> the scene graph.
> http://www.openscenegraph.org/projects/osg/wiki/Community/NodeKits/osgAnimation
> http://www.robertpenner.com/easing/easing_demo.html
> However, it seems like this will only work on geode level (by modifying the
> Matrix or PositionAttitudeTransformation).
> Another problem with this method is that it seems that you need to create a
> predefined animation.
> In my case the new position of a vertex will depend on the current position
> (and the animation only needs to be used once).
> Question:
> - Is there a way to use the osgAnimation functions on the vertex array and
> is it possible to use it with the transition methods from the EaseMotion
> demo?
> Kind regards,
> - Laurence
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