[osg-users] OpenCL: democracy for GPU computing?

Martin Beckett mgb at mgbeckett.com
Fri Mar 20 09:35:38 PDT 2009

Yes I would much prefer a cross platform well supported API than be forced to buy NVidia (and have to tell my customers to).
But at the moment a lot of the OSG demos do not render properly on any other cards (at least on Windows) just because of the poor OpenGL drivers - so I'm not holding my breath for them to all correctly implement the OpenCL spec.

If GPGPU is going to become mainstream then we do need something like OpenCL (else DirectX will do it!). At the moment it doesn't matter - the application is generally so specialised that requiring a particular board isn't a problem.
But an industry wide spec for something which is technically complex and only used in niche areas needs a strong driving force behind it. OpenGL really took off because of SGI not a loose industry-wide steering group.

Still - you never know it might all work out :-)

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