[osg-users] Blueberry3D high detail terrain solution for OpenSceneGraph

Enrico Raue raue at bionatics.com
Fri Mar 20 01:58:23 PDT 2009


First I would like to correct previous post, claiming Blueberry3D is a core library and cant be used as it is.
Blueberry3D is a commercial off the shelf product with 3 main modules for REAL-TIME simulation.
The Blueberry3D Editor, the Blueberry3D Real-Time Environment with SDK and the Blueberry3D Run-time.

It is possible to get a free evaluation copy of Blueberry3D.
The software you will get for the evaluation is the full version of Blueberry3D.
There is no limitation of the functionally.
You are also provided with a DEMO database 50km X 30km.
The evaluation period is normally for 30days.

Contact me if you are interested in an evaluation copy: 


PS: Frederic, thank you for nice comments about our LandSIM3D product.

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