[osg-users] [build] Unreckognized Commands

Adam Wise arwise at smcm.edu
Thu Mar 19 19:36:07 PDT 2009

So, I went back to cmake and I realized that I didn't have a dynamic or static library assigned. So I assigned the file libcollada15dom21.lib to the COLLADA_DYNAMIC_LIBRARY variable. Everything compiled fine. But when I went to use osgconv, it tells me that it couldn't find the file libcollada15dom21.dll. So obviously, I assigned the wrong file in cmake. 

Earlier on, I assigned a different file for the dynamic library: libcollada15dom21-d.dll But VS C++ 08 didn't even let it compile. So I think I only have one option left:

libcollada15dom21.dll. Finding that file, and assigning it to the COLLADA_DYNAMIC_LIBRARY.

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