[osg-users] DoomLike manipulator

Sukender suky0001 at free.fr
Thu Mar 19 15:23:35 PDT 2009

Hi Simon,

I thought the manipulator could behave like a "flying human" (= Horizontal mode for movement, but nothing to keep on floor). Or is it a thrird mode?
1. FREE (= "Descent", go any way, "up" vector changes).
2. FREE_UP_FIXED (= "Flying human", "up" vector is fixed, but camera moves anywhere)
3. GROUNDED ("up" vector is fixed, and view stays on the floor, or whatever)

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Le Thu, 19 Mar 2009 23:06:16 +0100, Simon Loic <simon1lolo at gmail.com> a écrit:

> Maybe when I will have finished to implement the GROUNDED/HORIZONTAL mode
> you can give it a try and decide which  name best fits. In my concern I
> clearly incline towars grounded as the implementation I was about to propose
> allows step over small obstacles like stairs.
> If you have remarks on the implementation so far, go ahead...
> to sukender :
> I didn't exacly get your remarks while I'm sure they are founded. Anyway I
> think that when I wil have finished to code both mode, things will become
> clearer for me and for you.
> Get you informed as soon as the manipulator is ready.
>> Havig both modes sounds a good idea. In that case,
> "FirstPersonManipulator" seems fine for me. Just be sure to:
>> - allow the user to set which vector is considered to be "up"
>> - allow the user to set the minimum angle between "dir" and "up" (or else
> you got rounding errors that
>> cause ugly artifacts). Based on experiments, I personnaly used 0.008
> (radians; as you can see in the
>> source code I told about), but it may depend on how your camera is set.
> On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 9:42 PM, Jason Daly <jdaly at ist.ucf.edu> wrote:
>> Sukender wrote:
>>> And about the modes, I would prefer "FREE" and "HORIZONTAL" :)
>> My preference would be "GROUNDED" (as in, you stay on the ground) rather
>> than "HORIZONTAL."  To me "HORIZONTAL" kind of implies one-dimensional
>> motion.
>> I'm indifferent on "FREE" vs. "GENERAL."
>> --"J"
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