[osg-users] DoomLike manipulator

Jason Daly jdaly at ist.ucf.edu
Thu Mar 19 13:39:48 PDT 2009

Simon Loic wrote:
> Glad to see that this manipulator generates interest.
> Concerning the name, the manipulator is designed as explained in the 
> header :
> """
>  The camera control is done via keyboard arrows concerning the 
> position and via mouse draging concerning the orientation.
> There are two modes : the horizontal and the free. In the free one the 
> translation direction is exactly aligned with the view direction and 
> thus can span the whole set of direction. In the other, the moving 
> direction is constrained to remain horizontal. Note : horizontal mode 
> is not implemented yet!!
> """
> Taking into account what you said, Sukender, we should call it 
> FirstPesonManipulator and call the two modes GENERAL and DOOMLIKE.
> What do you think about this?

I wouldn't call it DOOMLIKE for two reasons.  First, DOOM's mouse 
controls didn't work this way (the Y-axis on the mouse was used for 
forward/backward motion, since you couldn't look up/down in DOOM).  
Second, I don't think it should be named based on whatever game happened 
to use it in the first place.  If someone hasn't played that particular 
game, that name won't mean anything to them.

How about GENERAL and GROUNDED instead?

By the way, does this manipulator include collision and terrain 
following (specifically in what I'm suggesting calling the "GROUNDED" mode)?


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