[osg-users] DoomLike manipulator

Sukender suky0001 at free.fr
Thu Mar 19 05:18:51 PDT 2009

Hi Simon,

I coded a kind of human-view code which is typically what you want, but in a form that may not fit exactly what you need. It is a "matrix getter", that is to say a class that only update the view matrix (inputs are grabbed from another class). Think about it as a "delegate manipulator" if you wish. Code is short, so you may take and adapt it. That should be very easy. Also feel free to send improvements and/or create a "pure OSG" manipulator based on all or part of it.

Doc: http://pvle.sourceforge.net/Doc/Html/classHumanMatrixGetter.html
Header: http://pvle.sourceforge.net/Doc/Html/HumanMatrixGetter_8h-source.html
CPP: http://pvle.sourceforge.net/Doc/Html/HumanMatrixGetter_8cpp-source.html

Hope it helps.

PVLE - Lightweight cross-platform game engine - http://pvle.sourceforge.net/

Le Thu, 19 Mar 2009 12:07:27 +0100, Simon Loic <simon1lolo at gmail.com> a écrit:

> Hi guys,
> I was looking for an osg manipulator fitted for walkthrough in architectural
> environments. I found that the best ones were UFO, Drive and Flight. Though,
> I was not really convinced by any of them as there is no direct control on
> the speed but only on the acceleration. Thus, it is hard to change quickly
> the direction of the movement.
> Based on the UFO maipulator, I've implemented a manipulator closer to the
> ones used in 3rd person games. I think it's documented enough and coded in a
> simple way and so easy to review. So if some of you find it  promising and
> useful, we could improve it and eventually submit it, so as to integrate it
> in the osg Core.
> Waiting for your suggestions.
> Note: you may need to edit DoomLikeManipulator.cpp:16 #include
> "../inc/DoomLikeManipulator.h" to get it compile.

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