[osg-users] creating widget for Qt

Iván Cuevas okdano at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 03:01:53 PDT 2009

Hi Sajjad,
The warnigs are because I'm rendering in a QWidget out of the paint event. These warnings doesn't appear if you render in a QGLWidget, but the CompositeViewer framework with multiple OSG views in different widgets and multi-threaded does no render properly (at least for me [Crying or Very sad] )

Recently I moved to Qt 4.5.0 and I had a new problem with undesired repaint event when the OSG widget lost the focus. For example when a modal dialog is shown, my QWidget embbeding the osg::View is repainted with the background color and the content are removed until the osg widget recovers the focus and is repainted again.
I solved this problem using QWidget::setUpdatesEnabled(false) but still I have the problem of the warnings.

I think is not the same situation than yours because you are extending from AdapterWidget, but tell if you discover something ;)


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