[osg-users] OpenGL EXTENSION support

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 01:45:35 PDT 2009

HI Sajjad,

2009/3/18 ami guru <dosto.walla at gmail.com>

> Is there any class or interface in OSG that can query and print out the
> supported extensions within the OpenGL driver ?

There isn't a single method that returns a list of all supported extensions,
but there are various methods for getting OpenGL function pointers and
checking whether a specific extension is supported.  See

Please note you'll need to have a valid graphics context, and for the
extensions to be initialised before the functions will work as you can only
do OpenGL calls from a thread with a valid graphics context.

If you have happy do debug work on your app, then enable the verbose debug
messages and this will output the lists of supported extensions for you.
set the env var OSG_NOTIFY_LEVEL to DEBUG.

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