[osg-users] My own main loop witout viewer.run()

Viacheslav SlavStuff at yandex.ru
Thu Mar 19 00:58:01 PDT 2009

Yeah, quesion " 40    Can I use OSG within an existing Renderer engine" just is what I need.

Thanks for helping.
And I need another advice:
as I understand whole OSG architecture, I must to render my dynamic scene in such way (in addition to question #40):
1) set callbacks functions to each Geode which will reset position and rotation (any graphical properties) of it's Geode
2) call sceneViewer->update () where this callback functions will be called
3) end infinite cycle with:
       sceneViewer->cull ();
       sceneViewer->draw ();

Did I got the point?

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