[osg-users] [build] osgdb_freetype build problem on Mac OS/X 10.5.6

john casu john at chiraldynamics.com
Wed Mar 18 13:17:12 PDT 2009


I put debugging messages in FindFreeType.cmake, and the behavior is as expected within that cmake file, i.e. FREETYPE_INCLUDE_DIRS gets set correctly.

The issue, as far as I can tell, is why cmake on os/x either isn't exporting FREETYPE_INCLUDE_DIRS, or there's a typo somewhere outside that file so that the variable isn't getting picked up.

I spent a little time trying to debug this, but I'm not really getting anywhere, given that I have little cmake experience.  But, everything does seem to be working as expected, so it's a little bit of a mystery. 

certainly, the code in Find3rdPartyDependencies.cmake doesn't seem to be traversed, and src/osgPlugins/freetype/CMakeLists.txt seems to be correct.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time, right now, to devote to debugging this in any depth.   And since I do have a workaround, I'm not blocked.

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