[osg-users] OSG 2.8.1

Andy Skinner Andy.Skinner at mathworks.com
Wed Mar 18 08:27:32 PDT 2009

You know, I was thinking that using SVN was going to get me the latest, but I bet I'm just getting SVN from when 2.8.0 was made.  I'm using the line (copied from downloads page):

svn co http://www.openscenegraph.org/svn/osg/OpenSceneGraph/tags/OpenSceneGraph-2.8.0 OpenSceneGraph

Was that the wrong thing?

First the BoundingSphere issue was me getting half old and  half new OSG.  I got past that and had a problem with BoundingBox, but that turned out to be from the forward declaration, and it isn't a class anymore.  Turns out the forward decl was unnecessary (we were already including Drawable), so I just removed it.

Let me know whether I need to do it again with a more recent version from SVN, and what specifically my command should be.


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HI Andy,
2009/3/18 Andy Skinner <Andy.Skinner at mathworks.com<mailto:Andy.Skinner at mathworks.com>>

I've built the OSG successfully, but it is going to take me longer to test it with our software.
Thanks for the testing.  Are you building against OSG-2.8.0 or the OSG-2.8 branch?

Last time I just built it without updating with our code, and now I'm finding that I have to change some of our BoundingSphere code that doesn't compile.  I'll give feedback on the 2.8.1 as soon as I can.

What problems are you seeing with BoundingSphere code?   The main change was the introduction of templates to enable use of double and float versions of BoundingSphere.  The defaults should be the same as before though, i.e. BoundingSphere -> floating point BoundingSphere.

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