[osg-users] Forum users rare uses signatures, which is a pain tracking who's who

Paul Speed pspeed at progeeks.com
Wed Mar 18 06:45:58 PDT 2009

And I am using threading by subject and so they all end up in the same 
thread... but they are out of context within that thread since 
Thunderbird doesn't know which specific post to drop them off of.

A little annoying but at least it's a clear indicator that it is a forum 
post... and therefore likely to be only one or two lines without any 
inline reference to the previous post... and along the lines of "Yeah, 
me too." or "fifth post!!!"... :)  I kid because I care. ;)


Paul Melis wrote:
> Hi,
> Art Tevs wrote:
>> hmm, yes it seems there are no In-Reply-To header tag, when a message 
>> is sent through the forum. But I has never recieved any threading 
>> issue with the message, since my mail client is able to thread them by 
>> the subject. You are first who raised this issue ;), maybe your mail 
>> client has to be setted up properly,   
> Actually, I use thunderbird and have specifically disabled 
> threading-by-subject, as it simply does not work well enough and I have 
> too many other mailboxes besides OSG where threading-by-subject would 
> lead to incorrect results. I'm not going to enable it globally (and 
> there doesn't seem to be a way in thunderbird to enable 
> thread-by-subject for a single mailbox).  It happens quite frequently 
> that a new thread is started with a subject that matches an older 
> thread. With threading-by-subject the new messages will end up in the 
> existing (unrelated) thread and therefore in the wrong place. Using the 
> in-reply-to headers is the only reliable way to thread, although a few 
> heuristics could probably help here.
> Paul
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