[osg-users] osgText::readFontFile returns NULL on valid argument

Jesper D. Thomsen jdt at anybodytech.com
Wed Mar 18 06:11:00 PDT 2009

Thank you for your answers.

I have actually found out that the problem is that my program can't find the osgdb_freetype.dll plugin, even though it is in the osgPlugins-2.6.1 directory in the private assembly I have created for OSG distribution. I'm currently messing about a bit with the manifests to try and get it to find it. Apparently it doesn't use it if I just add it to the manifest along with the osg48-osg.dll and other dll's, but if I place it in the same directory as my application it works just fine.

I don't want to have to add OSG to the path of the computer as I want to preserve backwards compatability when my program gets ported to a newer OSG version.
BTW: have anybody tried creating an OSG shared assembly?

Jesper D. Thomsen
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Hi Jesper,

My first inclination is that the path is incorrect, or at least doesn’t match with where the font file actually is.  With the code snippet you listed, I believe that the file (and path) that you list must be relative to your project’s compiled executable.  That would be the first thing that I’d check, and Paul’s tip on adding the OSG_NOTIFY_LEVEL can help if you can run your executable from a DOS window.  Another means of checking is to place the font file in the same directory as your executable and change the readFontFile parameter to just “arial.ttf”.  If that works, then that confirms that it’s a path issue.

Hope that helps.


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Subject: [osg-users] osgText::readFontFile returns NULL on valid argument

Hi all, I have a rather strange problem.

I'm using osgText in my project, but I'm getting null as return from this method:

osgText::Font* t_font = osgText::readFontFile("fonts/arial.ttf");

The strange part is that when I compile and run the osgText and osgHud examples, it works just fine (so it isn't the font-file which is missing). It only happens in my own program.
So far I have tested it on both Vista and XP machines in the office, and this doesn't seem to affect the problem. However, my program works just fine on a single XP machine, but not on any of the other machines. I have tried in both debug and release modes, and tried both copying the executable and building it on different machines, and so far it is consistent in that the deciding factor is which machining is running the program and not which machine it was built on.

I'm using OSG 2.6.1 in Visual Studio 2005 sp1 on a Vista machine (but have tested on XP also).

Since the osg examples work just fine on the same machine, I guess it is something I have done in either the project settings or somewhere in the code, but I'm running out of ideas. If anybody have tried something like this, or knows what could cause this, I would very much appreciate it.

regards, and thanks in advance.

Jesper D. Thomsen
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