[osg-users] Forum users rare uses signatures, which is a pain tracking who's who

Art Tevs arti_tevs at yahoo.de
Wed Mar 18 03:20:44 PDT 2009

Hi Robert,

I've registered for you, you should recieve an activation mail. Please change the password as soon as you activated your account. If you would like to have different name, then let me know, I change it. As soon as you have activated this, I will give you admin/moderator rights, so that you are can perform moderation tasks whenever you like. 

As to the Name issue, you are right, we should have some kind of First Last Name approach, however I am not sure if everybody would like this, because maybe somebody do like staying anonymous. I have already let users with strange names knows, that their account will be deactivated if they do not change their real name. Let's see what happens in the next days.


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