[osg-users] Forum users rare uses signatures, which is a pain tracking who's who

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 02:51:26 PDT 2009

Hi Art,

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 8:32 PM, Art Tevs <osgforum at tevs.eu> wrote:

> Ok, this is doable. I am currently working on this. However in order to do
> so, you, Robert, has also to be registered on the forum. I will then give
> you according permissions, so that you are able to see those users and also
> able to approve them.

I have just attempt to subscribe but got kicked out with a message "You have
exceeded the number of registration attempts for this session. Please try
again later."   It kept telling me that I'm typed in the cryptic code
incorrectly, I'm pretty sure I got it right each time.

Ok, this is also doable, however one would need to continuosly moderate the
> forum/read all messages. Currently there is only me and Roland who are
> moderating the forum. If we could get some more volunteers  for checking the
> etiquette it would be great! This makes sure that there is always somebody
> who is able to moderate.

I'm able happy to register (once I can) but being an active moderator would
be taking on too much as I'm already overstretched.   I would have thought
that we could avoid having to approach all message, so passive moderation
rather than active one.  i.e. we just keep track of threads/posts and if
something is going off the rails then to moderate.

> > Having better user names will certainly help, as a number of recent forum
> subscribers just have two letter user names which mean absolutely nothing in
> any language.  A decent user name gives us the chance of keeping track of
> who's who and who's said what, and who to reply to on different topics.
> >
> How about "Ed" ? No, this is not true. There are names with just 2 letters,
> maybe not in our european languages, but in other there are (chinese?) ;)
> And we could not force users to write there first and last name, because
> maybe they want to have some kind of anonymity, which has to be respected.
> However, I agree that names like "Xh" or maybe are not acceptable.

Well there are nick names that are two letters, but with a big community
like ours there will almost certainly be more than one person with the same
nick name.  Who gets to choose who can use there nick name and who doesn't?

Going by nick names only really works with small communities, such as
between friends + family.  With large communities communication needn't be
formal, but we need to take into account the fact that breadth of the
community both in size and diversity - and use a longer names that uniquely
distinguish individuals is part of this.  The longer names needn't be actual
names, but they do need to be human readable and travel well across
different countries and be to be distinct.

I've just realised there is a bit of parallel to the code of the
OpenSceneGraph in this topic...  I have a inclination towards long
description names for classes and enums, and prefer it specifically for
communication/recall purposes.  If you have a small number of classes and
functionality you can get away with cryptic names, but with a big library
it's impossible to keep track of things - imagine renaming all our classes
as a two letter name.   Any guesses what Ob, Nd, Gp, Sw, Se, Pd, Ld, Ge, Dr,
Rf, Rp, Md, Mf might be?? ;-)


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