[osg-users] Absolutely dark scene

Fernan osgforum at tevs.eu
Tue Mar 17 09:04:31 PDT 2009

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your help.
I've achieved my purpose.

Following your instructions I realized that my problems were two:

1) On the one hand, the scene by default sets the AmbientIntensity as follows:

        osg::LightModel* lightmodel = new osg::LightModel;
        _globalStateSet->setAttributeAndModes(lightmodel, osg::StateAttribute::ON);

And due this the scene was always a little light.
Then I set this value to zero in my application after create the scene:

        osg::LightModel* lightmodel = new osg::LightModel;
        _globalStateSet->setAttributeAndModes(lightmodel, osg::StateAttribute::ON);

And I got all the elements of the scene appear dark unless sea.

2) On the other, I realized that I was applying to the sea surface an OSG::Material with Emission value set to nonzero. Once I set the zero value to this parameter, all to be completely dark in my scene.


I leave here my solution in order to it can help someone with same problem.

Thanks a lot again for your help.

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