[osg-users] Forum users rare uses signatures, which is a pain tracking who's who

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 08:45:29 PDT 2009

Hi Art,

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 3:04 PM, Art Tevs <osgforum at tevs.eu> wrote:

> I think adding another approval system to let users approve that they have
> to follow some kind of etiquette  wouldn't have big success. Users would
> just click on  "Yes, I agree" as soon as they see that button. Hence, I am
> not sure if this is needed at all.

I wasn't thinking of this, rather I just meant for a group of maintainers,
like yourself and I and others regular contributors to act as the approval
system.  We'd recieve a post saying that someone has asked to be subscribed
and when approve/disapprove/or make approval conditional on providing a more
human readable user name,

> However checking the users manually is doable at the current registration
> rates (1-2 per day). Moderators (Roland) or admins (currently only me) could
> disable users with not clear real names and first activate them after the
> name was changed to something clearly. I could already start doing so with
> the current users. Of course it would be cool if we could get maybe a
> volunteer  else for that, so that there is always somebody who is able to do
> so. Technically this would be little bit different, because I have to
> implement some kind of synchronization between admins/moderators, so that
> they know which user is currently being deactivated for the name issue and
> which not.

Could you have a admin webpage that lists those awaiting approval?

> All this kind of forcing correct real name wouldn't however change the way
> how users are posting. I think there is even a difference in the way of
> posting between forum and mailing list users from the psychological point of
> view. eMail feels like they are slower and not editable and hence
> communication is get more informative. Forums are faster in use and postings
> could be edited and hence the discussion there becames often a chat like and
> therefor users forget to add signatures or even to say "Hello".

I think this probably depends upon an individuals preferences, I personally
find mailing lists quicker and more immediate, and that forums rather
awkward to contribute to.

> So, the problem of etiquette is hard to solve, because it depends only on
> the users. As for the using real names, I think I could write some kind of a
> system for the admins/moderators to manage users with non-informative real
> names.

Perhaps making the duality of the forum/lists and the documenting the
expected etiquette/code of conduct is required, along with existing members
providing good examples of how to communicate the community, and if people
are rude/awkward about following good etiquette we provide initially a
gentle nudge about how one should write, then scale it up to removing
subscription if they are destructive.  I've only had to remove 2 subscribers
from the mailing list is not far off a decade so I don't it'll be a big
issue.  Most people are quite good about making more of effort to fit in if
asked in a appropriate way.

Having better user names will certainly help, as a number of recent forum
subscribers just have two letter user names which mean absolutely nothing in
any language.  A decent user name gives us the chance of keeping track of
who's who and who's said what, and who to reply to on different topics.

> The problem with the email addresses used as sender's email (default
> osgforum at tevs.eu) is hard to solve without making some changes also to the
> mailing list itself, which is not doable for me. What I could try is to
> change email header in the way, so that it looks like it was sent from the
> mail of the user, however using default's forum email in the header.
> However, I am not sure how mailman (osg's mailing list software) would react
> on this, because this is actually a way how spammers handle.

I'm less concerned about the email address as the send email.  Knowing that
a post comes from the forum with the decent user name is sufficient for
me.   Perhaps if one could provide a link to the forum users online details
would be sufficient for those who want to contact somebody directly.

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