[osg-users] Forum users rare uses signatures, which is a pain tracking who's who

Art Tevs osgforum at tevs.eu
Tue Mar 17 08:04:03 PDT 2009

Hi Robert, all.

I think adding another approval system to let users approve that they have to follow some kind of etiquette  wouldn't have big success. Users would just click on  "Yes, I agree" as soon as they see that button. Hence, I am not sure if this is needed at all.

However checking the users manually is doable at the current registration rates (1-2 per day). Moderators (Roland) or admins (currently only me) could disable users with not clear real names and first activate them after the name was changed to something clearly. I could already start doing so with the current users. Of course it would be cool if we could get maybe a volunteer  else for that, so that there is always somebody who is able to do so. Technically this would be little bit different, because I have to implement some kind of synchronization between admins/moderators, so that they know which user is currently being deactivated for the name issue and which not.

All this kind of forcing correct real name wouldn't however change the way how users are posting. I think there is even a difference in the way of posting between forum and mailing list users from the psychological point of view. eMail feels like they are slower and not editable and hence communication is get more informative. Forums are faster in use and postings could be edited and hence the discussion there becames often a chat like and therefor users forget to add signatures or even to say "Hello".  

So, the problem of etiquette is hard to solve, because it depends only on the users. As for the using real names, I think I could write some kind of a system for the admins/moderators to manage users with non-informative real names. 

The problem with the email addresses used as sender's email (default osgforum at tevs.eu) is hard to solve without making some changes also to the mailing list itself, which is not doable for me. What I could try is to change email header in the way, so that it looks like it was sent from the mail of the user, however using default's forum email in the header. However, I am not sure how mailman (osg's mailing list software) would react on this, because this is actually a way how spammers handle.


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