[osg-users] Discontinuous view and loading (readNodeFile)

petr osgforum at tevs.eu
Tue Mar 17 04:25:01 PDT 2009

the "runtime fullscreen view" looks very "snatchy", "non-continuous", "cutting"  - I don't know how to describe it  - 
FPS in my scene was about 20, after added these function "viewer->setThreadingModel(osgViewer::Viewer::SingleThreaded)" the FS increase to 120, and the view is briliant 
A have found example after adding these topic : ) 

you suggest me convert .flt to native osg format, we are using for modeling Presagis creator and the export dialog cointains only these variants  - have a look on image. 

[Image: http://www.jkzsim.cz./petr/screen-export.jpg ]

I don't know which format is "native" for osg, but i know that in OSG zip  is folder "osg-data" and there is - for example cessna.osg (this is native OSG format?) but i  don't know how to convert .flt to .osg). And what do you mean "converting to .ive" I haven't heard about ".ive"

Thans for your time.

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