[osg-users] Blueberry3D high detail terrain solution for OpenSceneGraph

Frederic Marmond fmarmond at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 01:35:00 PDT 2009

Hi Enke,

Blueberry3d is a core library, so it can't be used 'as it'.
I don't think there are public demos for it, but you can find
screenshots and videos on the bionatics www.
Have a look at LandSim3D, an application that uses Blueberry3D for its
rendering: http://www.bionatics.com/Site/product/index.php3?langue=&UrlSuite=%2FSite%2Fproduct%2Findexc2.php3%3FCommunity%3D4%26ProductLineId%3D4

I was lucky to test it recently, it's really awesome... far, far
better than traditionnal (i.e. static) landscape visualisation
If your company is interested by the product, I think you may contact
Bionatics to ask for a demo.


2009/3/17 Enke Digiro <osgforum at tevs.eu>:
> Hello everybody,
> Was looking on Blueberry 3D WWW, looks very interesting.
> I would like to test to see how it could work with my application. Is there a demo version?
> I could find a demo of Realnat product but nothing for Blueberry 3D.
> Cheers,
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