[osg-users] osgconv bug with obj format

Ed osg at celticblues.com
Mon Mar 16 13:22:49 PDT 2009

I noticed a possible issue as well. I used osgconv to convert a FLT 
terrain to obj. osgviewer reads it in and renders it fine, but some 
modeling tools I use won't read it and report an error reading the file. 
Unfortunately, that is all that is reported: an error. Nothing more 
specific than "an error ocurred reading the file" type of thing.


Ben Axelrod wrote:
> I am trying to use osgconv to convert a number of .wrl files to .obj 
> format. But the resulting .obj file does not look right at all in 
> osgviewer. (See box.png). Also attached, the original input file 
> box.wrl, and the resulting output files box.obj and box.mtl.
> I am using OSG version 2.6.0 and openVRML 0.14.3 on Debian Etch.
> The original .wrl file renders fine with osgviewer. Other .obj files 
> created with Blender render fine with osgviewer. If I convert the .wrl 
> to .osg format, the .osg file renders fine with osgviewer. But if I 
> then try to convert the .osg to .obj, the .obj renders bad again. So 
> this leads me to believe the problem is with the .obj writer in osgconv.
> I tried running the conversion with –O noTesselateLargePolygons –O 
> noTriStripPolygons with no difference.
> Anyone know if there are some options I am missing to fix this? Or if 
> it has been fixed in the latest version?
> Thanks,
> -Ben
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