[osg-users] RecordCameraPathHandler where is the saved_animation.path file?

Felix Ilbring osgforum at tevs.eu
Mon Mar 16 09:45:25 PDT 2009

thanks Paul

the thing ist, that the recording works. it starts with 'z' and stops with 'Z' afterwards it plays the scene again and again.

console promts:
Recording camera Path.
Writing camera file: ETC.path
AnimationPath Completet in XXX

so i guess it is the right viewer, but the file is nowhere to be found.. 

i also started in debug mode and the recordHandler object looks good. No errors all values set

maybe some can just post me a .path file and tell me how to replay it in my view.
I can than add my own points to it and everything will be fine  :)
if i remeber correctly it should look like
TIME X Y Z thats what i read in another post


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