[osg-users] Forum users rare uses signatures, which is a pain tracking who's who

Art Tevs osgforum at tevs.eu
Mon Mar 16 09:20:07 PDT 2009

Hi Robert, Paul.

Ok, let me first answer Roberts questions and then coming to Paul's.

Yes, I was also afraid if forum becames more wide used, so that the community might became more anonymized then by using mailing list. I noticed same behaviour on any forum. Users are just very lazy and do not either add proper realnames, or any signature. Forum does already do one thing against that, so that it force users to setup a real name before they can register. However you can not control, what they are writing in the Realname field during the registration process. Hence, I am not sure, how this issue can be solved at all???

The main reason because all of forum users post have the same senders adress is that people not even able to manage to read the "READ ME FIRST" Announcement on the forum! 
The problem is, that you can only post on the mailing list if you register yourself with your own email adress on it. However as forum users might be not registered on the mailing list at all, their posts could never reach the mailing list. In the beginning I just forced every user to register with the same email adress as on the mailing list. But new users just ignore this. As I said they even ignore what I have written in the "READ ME .." on the forum, which has to be taking into account when using the forum. 
Hence new users posted messages on the forum, but they were not forwarded to the mailing list, because users' email adress was not registered on the ML. 
Hence the only solution was to declare some default email adress which can be used as senders adress for every user. However this can be disabled by every users in their profiles, but I am afraid that this will almost never happen, because 90% of users not even read the READMEs :( !!!

To solve the issue with the same sender's email adress one has either to allow to post from every mail adress onto the mailing list, which will open the door for spamming. Or to create some interface for the mailing list which can be used by the forum to post onto it, however this would require some research and development of such an interface. Maybe somebody has an idea about that?


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