[osg-users] FFmpeg plugin

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 07:46:48 PDT 2009

Hi Carlos,

Have a look at the osgmovie example for guidance, it'll boil down to reading
a image, and assing to the a textured quad.  Right now you'll need to
preload the ffmpeg plugin as osgDB won't yet automatically alias the movie
extensions to ffmpeg.  On the movie command line you use the option -e
ffmpeg to pre load the plugin.  Programatically you'd use:

std::string libName =


2009/3/16 Carlos Sanches <cesmsp at gmail.com>

> Hi all !
> I downloaded osg 2.9.1 . I m using  pImageStream =
> dynamic_cast<osg::ImageStream*>(hudImage);
> to open a movie.
> What have I to do to use ffmpeg to read my movies ?
> tks
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