[osg-users] osgCal2 releaseGLObjects question

Vladimir Shabanov vshabanoff at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 05:03:35 PDT 2009

2009/3/10 Laurent Di Cesare <laurent.dicesare at masagroup.net>:
> Hello,
> I wonder if there's still support for osgCal2.

Not much support since I don't use osgCal for some time. I don't read
osg-users currently (only sometimes search for osgCal questions). If
you have some questions it's better to CC me for faster answer.

> I'm currently running into a problem where I believe that osgCal may not be
> doing something right:
> void
> HardwareMesh::releaseGLObjects(osg::State* state) const
> {
>   osg::Geometry::releaseGLObjects( state );
>   mesh->displayLists->releaseDisplayLists( state );
> }

I didn't find such code in current version, maybe you need to run `svn update`.

> The mesh looks like it's a shared object, and releasing its display lists
> kind of messes with the other instances of the same model.

Mesh display lists would be recreated, but I didn't tested osgCal
behaviour in case of viewer restarts.

> I haven't been able to update my subversion directory from the svn server,
> so does anyone know if it's still maintained?

svn repository works, maybe it was temporal sourceforge.net problem.

> Laurent.

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